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Producer Stories

We strive to continuously bridge the gap between the authentic agricultural products of Greece and the home chef.  Not everyone has direct access to farms but by telling their stories and showing you the process, you can become more connected to the foods you eat, while supporting independent family farms.


Kalamata Olives


Raw Organic Wildflower Honey

Axion Esti
Panorama, Argolida
Boutsikakis Family
Koutroufa, Arcadia

In the Arcadia region, the Boutsikakis family has been growing several varieties of olives for generations as far back as they know.  The Kalamata olive is one of the most prominent olives in Greece and is cultivated annually by the family.  After picking, it is hand sorted to assure that only the best quality and similarly sized olives make it into the brine.  The brine consists of water, sea salt, and red wine vinegar.  The Kalamata olives will marinate in the brine for several months, picking up the best flavors you know and love from a good Kalamata olive.


Bordering Arcadia, is the Argolida region in the Peloponnese of Greece, here, in Panorama, is the operation of Axion Esti.  Axion Esti is a family run organization that produces outstanding organic honey of several different varieties.  They have set up apiaries in many areas of Greece, but primarily work in the mountains of Arcadia.  Remote locations allow the bees to stay far away from any artificial contaminants and fertilizers and allows the final product to be organic certified.

Kyrios Family
Leonidio, Arcadia

In the southern area of Arcadia, you will 

find a very mountainous terrain.  One of the most promininet mountains in the area is Mt. Parnon, and at the foot of this mountain, you will find the Kyrios family's farm.  Here, they have been producing outstanding quality herbs which are sun dried naturally in the shade.  What that means is that, after harvesting, they hang the herbs in a shaded room that is outside.  This way they are sun dried without direct sun, which helps preserve vitality of the herb as well as producing a more prominent flavor profile.  

Red_Basil_transparent (1).png

Hand Harvested Sea Salt

Mr. Niko
Mani Peninsula, Messinia

One of the few products we traveled far from our home base in Arcadia to source, and what a worthwhile trip it was!  The historic Mani peninsula is known for its remote areas and rocky landscape, and both of these features combine to help produce a truly exceptional sea salt.  You will hardly see a boat on the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea here, meaning the water itself has very low levels of pollutants.  In addition to this, the rocky coastline provides high minerality in these waters.  This low pollutant, high mineral water is collected during the summertime and is dried naturally on the coastline under the hot sun.  The result is a remarkable sea salt of natural extraction from some of the most beautiful and pristine waters.


Organic Dried Spices

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